Lak Lak Ensemble . Nima Aziminejad
Theatre Music Composer:
"The Door" (Dar) theatre directed by Ali Rahimi (The music is chosen among the top three compositions of the Iranian Association of Theatre Critics in 2004)
"The Rope" (Tanab) theatre directed by Ali Rahimi
"The Doll" (Aroosak) directed by ali rahimi (it won First place in the Children's Musical Theatre Festival in 2006)
"Who nobody knew him" (Kasi ke hichkas nemidanest kist) theatre directed by Daryush Faezi
"1 woman , 1 man" (Yek zan , Yek mard) theatre directed by Azita Hajian and music co-composed with Amir Tavassoli (Candidate at Fajr Theater Festival)
"To Set Goodnight Your highness Count and Fall Melody" ( Tanzime shabbekheir jenabe kont va melodye paeezi) theatre directed by Michael Shahrestani
"The Red Cheek" (Lop Goli) directed by Fitileh group for children
Composing for TV movies:
"Niloofar" directed by Alireza Akhlaghi production of 'Mahed movie company'
"The Searchers" (Kavoshgaran) directed by Hamidreza Naderi
"Strange with Yourself"(Bigane ba Khod) directed by Jamshid Bayat Tork production of Studio Farda
Composing for TV series:
"Shaee , Dancing documentary series on Kurdsat Channel" directed by Kaveh Moeinfar
"Adventurous Villa" (Vilaye por majara) directed by Mohammadreza Naderi
"Wrath and Peace" (Ghahr o ashti) directed by Ahmad Ramezan Zadeh production of 'Jozan Film company'
"Fitileh" songs named "The Sun" , "The Summer" , "The Autumn" , "Mouse series" and …