Nima Aziminejad . Alireza Mollahosseini . Bita Mollahosseini . Mahnaz Molapanah . Nezameddin Montazeri . Saeed Mollahoseini
Saeed Mollahosseini born 17 June 1982, Tehran
was born in an artist family

He has started learning music at the age of twelve by playing Santur with Hassan Mirzakhani and later, took advanced courses with professors such as Ardavan Kamkar and Majid Kiani.
In 2001 and 2002 he won second and third place in Iran Music Festival respectably.
In 2006 he performed at Plectrum Orchestra by Professor Hossein Dehlavi in Tehran.
In 2009 he received accreditation from the Ministry of Culture to teach music.
He founded the Abr O Bad ensemble in 2011 and he had charity concerts as director and composer.
And he is already teaching music, composing and performing in concerts.