Nima Aziminejad . Alireza Mollahosseini . Bita Mollahosseini . Mahnaz Molapanah . Nezameddin Montazeri . Saeed Mollahoseini
Alireza Mollahosseini born 11 May 1985 in Tehran
was born in an artist family.

His father (Hassan Mollahosseini) knows and sings Iranian songs and his older brother (Saeed Mollahosseini) plays Santur.
He started learning music by the encouragement of his mother at the age of ten by learning to play Tombak from Professor Gholamreza Mirzakhani, completing all his Tombak lessons through his books. After a while he started playing Daf too.
At age of 14, he participated in master classes by Professor Bahman Rajabi and played the lessons of his books with himself while taking advantage of the masters such as Bijan and Arjang Kamkar.
He has held several concerts in Tehran, Karaj, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Hamedan, Yasuj, Qeshm and Rasht where he has performed solo and ensemble.

Collaborations and Concerts:
Collaboration with Professors Hossein Alizadeh and Kayhan Kalhor and Mr. Hamidreza Nourbakhsh and Mr. Siamak Jahangiri, some parts of which are recorded.
Collaboration with Rumi ensemble headed by Professor Kayhan Kalhor.
Collaboration with Mehregan ensemble headed by Professor Gholamreza Mirzakhani.
Collaboration with Vandad Mehr ensemble.
Collaboration with Arattah ensemble.
Collaboration with Abr O Bad ensemble.
And …
He had collaboration with Arya Aziminejad in television, cinema and a spiritual album.
He also had a live performance in Hormozgan Province Local Television in order to introduce Iranian classical percussion instruments.
Concerts out of Iran:
Linz festival of music in Austria as special guest with Professor Kayhan Kalhor, Mr. Alireza Ghorbani and Mr. Ali Bahramifard.
Live performance in Gent, Belgium with Professor Kayhan Kalhor, Mr. Alireza Ghorbani and Mr. Ali Bahramifard.
He plays Tombak and Daf but he also has good knowledge of Dayereh , Kouzeh and Hormozgan province percussion instruments.
Currently he is researching on "Zaar" music (music of Havva followers) the book of which will be published very soon.